The People Power Party is a party in spirit only, the purpose of which is to empower individuals to take back our democracy for the PEOPLE.  It is dedicated to brainstorming ideas regarding restructuring government to this end and to allow for free-spirited debate, unfettered by political party affiliation.  We are lighthearted in attitude but very serious about the goal of working towards increasing the participation of citizens in our democracy, and strengthening it so that it can function again in the service of WE THE PEOPLE.  It is our love of this country and its ideals that motivate us to act on its behalf in the service of the U. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, so that they may be restored to their original power and purpose through peaceful activism and full citizen participation in its democratic processes.

We come together in the spirit of unity to share ideas about what kinds of ways we may best accomplish this goal, whether that be through passing legislation, seeking judicial remedies, constitutional  amendments, propositions,  or direct democracy and grassroots activism.  The list of ideas on ways to restructure government so that it can adhere more to its stated purpose in the Constitution is compiled from free thinking on the part of various sources and though very ambitious (!) is more a list of possibilities,  to get people thinking more creatively, than it is an immutable document that cannot be changed.  In fact, it is a living document that will continue to evolve.  All persons interested in these ideas may take any of them that are of particular interest and develop or pursue them as they see fit.  They are not in any particular order or hierarchy at the present, though some may be more urgent or fundamental than others and I plan to feature specific goals and actions in the sequence that seems appropriate, based on feedback from those of you who participate with me on this project.  The mission of this website is to offer a forum for the free expression and pursuit of constructive ideas that can transform and strengthen our democratic institutions so that they again serve the interests of the citizens.

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