Legalize Democracy!

If we are to take back our democracy, we must challenge the stranglehold that Wall Street, the Banks, and the Corporation have on our lives and on our government. Our democracy is in grave peril due in large part to the subversion of our Constitution and the corruption of our political process by moneyed interests, and if we are to effect positive changes towards increased transparency, justice, and equality, we must pass a constitutional amendment to abolish the twin legal doctrines of corporate “personhood” and money as “speech” by which the 1% have seized control.  Corporations not only lobby, buy elections, and even write our laws, they litigate all the way up to the Supreme Court if need be in order to overturn any ordinance, statute, or law that they don’t like, using our Bill of Rights to claim illegitimate rights as “persons.”  This has happened over and over again so that now all the laws favor the interests of the wealthy elite, not the people.

We are the People, and the Bill of Rights applies to us, not to multinational corporations who would turn us into commodities and usurp our rightful rule. We must proclaim and assert our sovereign, inalienable, Constitutional right to reclaim our democracy by returning the governing of these United States to the citizenry, so that it is once again of the people, by the people, and for the people. 

In order to do this, it is imperative that we pass a constitutional amendment to end the twin illegitimate legal doctrines of corporate “personhood” and money as “speech.”  The “We the People Amendment” has just been reintroduced in Congress (HJR 48).  Please sign the petition at We the People Amendment to co-sponsor it.

Below you will find documents that are relevant to this goal.  For more information on this topic, go to  Move to Amend


Move to Amend Online Petition


MTA Model Resolution for City Councils and Organizations

CA Assembly Joint Resolution #22


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