Habeas Corpus is Like Car Insurance

Habeas Corpus is like car insurance—you don’t worry about it much until you have an accident; or, in the case of habeas corpus, until you get arrested for peaceful protest and hauled before a military tribunal.  Sound preposterous?  Isn’t this the United States, the land of the free?  Well, no, actually.  Not anymore.  Not since the Patriot Act, the NDAA 2012 Act, and the Trespass Bills (HR 347, S 1794), AKA the “anti-Occupy bills”.

Now, in the United States of America, U. S. citizens can be indefinitely detained, without charge or trial, for a “belligerent act”.  What is that?  Well, no one quite knows for sure.  Want to stage a protest at the Democratic convention, or question your representative on where your tax dollars are going?  Be careful, you could be guilty of “knowing” you are entering a government building or within proximate space of someone guarded by the Secret Service (if they aren’t in their hotel rooms with prostitutes), and therefore in violation of a federal crime that could land you in prison for ten years, in which case I guess at least you wouldn’t be paying taxes!

Add to this the attacks on our privacy and free speech by the SOPA, PIPA, and now CISPA legislation, which if passed, would eviscerate our ability to voice our outrage and connect with one another on the Internet, and a frightening picture of a world dominated by Big Brother watching and controlling our every move begins to take shape.

These laws make a mockery of our Bill of Rights by violating our First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Ninth, Tenth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights, and whether you are a Tea Partier or an Occupier, your civil liberties are under assault.  We the people need to demand that these unconstitutional laws be rescinded before we find ourselves in Nazi Germany, or worse, living out an Orwellian nightmare.

George Zimmerman Proves Latinos Can Be Racist, Too – Part 2 | Care2 Causes

One has to wonder if there would have been so much outrage about this incident if Zimmerman had an hispanic last name. It seems to me that the kneejerk response that this was racially motivated is based on lots of assumptions, one of which being he was white because he had an anglo-saxon surname, though he is obviously latino. There is plenty of racism on the part of latinos and blacks towards one another as well as towards whites, in fact there have been latino gangs who target black people, though this gets almost no press. It is time that we grow up and realize that everyone is capable of prejudice and that we all have our biases based on our experience, but it’s not more ok to be racist if you are a minority.
Check out the story at USA Today: http://www.usatoday.com/news/topstories/2007-12-30-754715181_x.htm
Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/george-zimmerman-proves-latinos-can-be-racist-too.html#ixzz1r4ifkoQR

All for One, and One for All

We need a new national motto.  I have always loved the Three Musketeers’ motto, “All for One, and One for All” (unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno) because it speaks to the best of all systems:  it acknowledges the importance of the collective as well as the individual, and does not put one before the other.  If we were to think in these terms, we would have a much better life and system of government because everyone would be equally important and no one would be sacrificed for the good of the whole.  Think about that.  If we were to adopt this motto instead of the “In God We Trust”, how would our outlook, self-esteem, and behavior towards others change if we felt truly valued and indispensable!  Instead of engaging in endless wars because God is “on our side” and constantly fighting for our piece of the pie, we would instead be looking out for one another, ensuring each other’s safety and well-being, and making sure each person’s needs were met. No one would be attacking Social Security, Medicare, or the commons:  national parks, natural resources, a clean environment, a postal system, libraries, or single-payer healthcare.  They would all be seen as human rights because we as valued citizens would be entitled to them!

There is a serious need to shift towards more pro-social values like inclusion, sharing, and cooperation vs. anti-social values like exclusion, hoarding, and competition and we would be much better off if we switched to the motto, “All for One, and One for All”, which is Switzerland’s national motto, incidentally.  Switzerland, as you may know, never engages in war, doesn’t get embroiled in taking sides, is actively involved in international peace-building processes, home to the Red Cross, is one of the richest countries in the world, boasts cities with the 2nd (Zurich) and 3rd (Geneva) highest quality of life on earth, and has a direct democracy instead of a representative one.  There’s a lot we could learn from Switzerland, and I think their choice of national motto is both a reflection of and a reason for the country’s success.

I would like to suggest that we all give serious thought to adopting “All for One and One for All” as a personal motto.  Try it out for a week or a month, and see if it doesn’t change your outlook.  I’m betting it will help you feel less isolated and alienated,  more peaceful, and less stressed.   I believe it epitomizes the Occupy Movement (and every populist movement) and should become the rallying cry of Occupy.  Then maybe we can convince cities, communities, and eventually the country to consider endorsing it, and then it could become an international campaign.   All for One and One for All!

SCOTUS Invalidates Breast Cancer Gene Patents | Care2 Causes

It is astonishing that the Supreme Court, with its pro-corporate majority, finally got it right.  The patenting of human genomes is an outrageous idea that should never have been allowed at all.  Hopefully this decision sets a precedent that will allow for suits to be brought regarding other such corporate abuses of humanity for profit and we can outlaw it entirely.

This is one of the myriad examples of why we need a Constitutional amendment to abolish corporate personhood so that corporations’ singleminded pursuit of profits over people can be reined in and governed by the actual citizens of this country instead of monstrous emotionless artificial entities who have no conscience being allowed to run amok with impunity.

SCOTUS Invalidates Breast Cancer Gene Patents | Care2 Causes

Hundreds of Rape Victims and Abused Afghan Women Jailed for “Moral Crimes” | Care2 Causes#comments#comments#comments#comments

This article  is so excruciating it is hard to find the words to express the outrage and horror it evokes to read how rape victims are being abused by such callous treatment, knowing the incredible emotional and physical harm that has and is being done to these women and girls.  My message to them on behalf of all of us who care is this: “We are one, we are the same, Afghan or American.  We see and hear your pain and you have our heartfelt support and love.  May the Goddess heal all of your wounds and may your sorrow find solace in her arms!  Blessed Be!”

Hundreds of Rape Victims and Abused Afghan Women Jailed for “Moral Crimes” | Care2 Causes#comments#comments#comments#comments

Women Voters Make A Difference In Two More Senate Races | Care2 Causes

It’s amazing the author of this article chose to quote the sister of the rightwing Pat Buchanan, whose perceptiveness is just as  uninsightful and misogynist.  Here’s a message to the benighted Buchanans:  birth control and women’s reproductive rights are not “red herrings”, and the War on Women that these radical religious fanatics like yourselves are waging is the reason for the gender gap and women voting for ANYONE but a REPUBLICAN.  Read my lips: It is NOT the economy, stupid!  What is a tough sell is the fact that you can’t be woman-hating fascists and then put on your hypocritical smiles and expect anyone to believe that you are anything else.  We see you for who you really are and no amount of cosmetics is going to cover up the ugliness you now want to hide in order to get our votes.  Reality is coming back to kick your collective backside and it’s name is WOMAN!

Women Voters Make A Difference In Two More Senate Races | Care2 Causes