Join the Fight Against the TPP

Some people still do not know what the TPP is; in fact, someone recently asked if the TPP stood for “toilet paper party.”  While the acronym may conjure up visions of white bath tissue streaming from tall oak trees placed there by adolescent pranksters, this term could easily be applied to the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership “treaty” for which it stands, given the way that the TPP treats our Constitution and the ordure that it represents.  It very much deserves to be flushed down the toilet as it is malodorous with corporate corruption.

If we don’t want to see what remains of our democratic process completely obliterated and corporate global rule installed in its place, then it is time to act!!  Sign up here to join the #TPPTuesday Social Media Action Team – an online effort to promote and expand the growing movement to stop this power coup d’etat by the 1%.  Go to: to learn more.

“Meet the New Freshman Class of Extremist Senators,” courtesy of PFAW


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