Bernie Sanders–Not Just Another Candidate

Bernie Sanders is not just another candidate, but a Democratic SOCIALIST calling for a POLITICAL REVOLUTION against the corporate fascist state. He is not just running for highest office, he is fomenting a rebellion. An article at the Huffington Post talks about Sanders’ appeal and how he is connecting with people, despite saying what would be seen by all the political “experts” as the “wrong thing.”  Bernie Sanders is the only mainstream presidential candidate who tells it like it is and people resonate with that, exhausted as they are of political corruption, party politics, platitudes, empty-headed reporting, and smug punditry. The folks so intent on spinning the lies that thinly disguise their support of elitist rule are frankly nonplussed by the appeal of the actual truth, something of which they have little awareness and to which they attach little value.

What is reflected in the polls is the growing awareness across all party lines that the elitist rule that rigs the system for its own benefit while impoverishing the 99% has to go and that the failure of both corporate-owned parties to address the pressing issues of the electorate must end.  Sanders is addressing real problems and unfairness, from corporate trade deals like the TPP and the polluting influence of money in politics to income inequality and social injustice and people are responding because they recognize the importance and reality of what he is saying and the sincerity of his desire to make a difference.  Sanders’ authenticity and integrity are pretty solid  and are evident when he speaks.  This can be faked by Hillary or Obama, and attempted without a shred of success by all the phony, hypocritical, and despicable Republicans, but Bernie is the real deal and his stated goals and ideals are backed up by his voting record and revealed by his speaking truth to power.

Whatever happens with Sanders’ run, may it bring with it the awareness of how far-reaching the problems are in this country, and that nothing short of a political revolution, including ending plutocratic rule by the corporate criminal elite and their fascist fundamentalist pawns will bring about the amount of change that is needed. Ultimately, what must happen in order to effect true democracy, is an end to economic exploitation inherent in capitalism, proportional representation, and a citizens legislature, run by the actual people, but Bernie Sanders is likely a bridge towards even more fundamental restructuring and for now, whatever the electoral outcome, a refreshingly honest and crucial voice for revolutionary change.


I recently got the news from a Republican Congressman’s office that the number of people registered as “no party preference,” previously known as “decline to state” and commonly known as “independents” now surpasses the number of people registered as Republican in the State of California!  This is great news!!  I knew I was onto something when I started this website on the premise that we need to move away from political parties as party politics are a corrupting influence, applying pressure to go-along-to-get-along as they do, regardless of whether or not she or he agrees with the issue.  The complicity of elected Democratic Party representatives to fall in line with Obama’s evisceration of our Constitution is probably the most glaringly egregious example of this.

We need to now push for equal ballot access for all Independent and third-party candidates as well as for proportional representation.  The importance of these two changes cannot be overstated as we suffer from 50% of the population being disaffected at all times with the current winner-take-all two-party tyranny.  If we had proportional representation it would do away with gerrymandering altogether as there would be no incentive to gerrymander as EVERYONE’S vote would count, not just the votes of the party that passed the goalpost first.

It is heartening confirmation that we are on the road towards less identification with political parties, so that we can begin to focus on issues, not partisan politics, and principles, rather than party platforms, towards a more participatory democracy. I very much hope this trend continues and No Party Preference registration surpasses both corporate parties, the GOP and the Democrats.