The People Power Party Platform

  1. Register to vote as “decline to state”, the only truly independent voter status
  2. Restore Constitutional protections and rights to citizens; end unconstitutional corporate “personhood”
  3. Eliminate plutocratic rule by the wealthy elite by establishing a true citizen legislature, with representatives from all walks of life representing the people rather than career politicians representing the interests of their paymasters
  4. End the duopoly of the two major parties by eliminating all political parties and substituting an issues-based rating system
  5. Abolish the electoral college; end the practice of gerrymandering districts
  6. Make all governmental entities and actions transparent
  7. Establish fair elections, uniform term limits, and public funding of elections; require political candidates to defend/debate positions openly with all candidates; institute a ballot choice of “None of the Above” in all primary elections (the Voter’s Veto!)
  8. Double the number of representatives, extend Washington work week to an actual 5 days; reduce salaries of public servants by half and end lifetime benefits
  9. Require clear, objective, contractual goals when filing to run for office; initiate probationary periods for representatives and the President; streamline recall process if not acting in accordance with the platform on which they campaigned; initiate impeachment proceedings or sue for breach of contract in extreme cases
  10. Establish citizen review boards which would oversee Congress, the Supreme Court, and the President, and which would track their performance and hold them accountable
  11. End corporate lobbying and bailouts and shut the revolving door between the corporate world and government
  12. End the ability of Congress to approve its own salary limits or issue itself raises by requiring voter approval; award raises to representatives based on merit and performance; make Congress subject to the same laws and benefits as the citizens; require commensurate increases to minimum wage and cost-of-living adjustments for Social Security in any salary increase for representatives
  13. Eliminate all lifetime appointments, set 10-year limit on term of Supreme Court justices, increase number of justices to 11 (not including chief justice), establish minimum job qualifications, require higher standards and ethics/experience on the court for chief justice, and clear path to removal by citizen review board for corruption/conflict of interest/partiality
  14. Reduce the glamour of the Presidency and Congress by eliminating courting by corporate world, excessive vacations, unnecessary junkets; institute minimum job qualifications; limit executive office to one 6-yr. term
  15. Require all corporate entities, Wall Street, and the banks to abide by fair practice rules that obligate them to act toward the public good and impose heavy sanctions if they fail to act to protect the public, including mandatory prison sentences in cases of serious harm such as major environmental disasters
    or degradation, financial crises due to malfeasance; require
    sustainable practices, employee co-ownership, shareholding, and membership on boards of directors
  16. Set environmental standards to truly protect the public, break up the big banks, utilities, and media corporations; end the Federal Reserve; revoke S & P’s rating authority
  17. Establish citizen review boards to monitor the government agencies that are charged with oversight of corporations, Wall Street, and the banking industry (the EPA, SEC, FCC, FDA) to ensure they are acting in the public interest and which are
    empowered to swiftly discipline, sanction, and/or remove ineffective or corrupt officials
  18. Get religion out of government: litigate groups that attempt to codify religious orthodoxy into law under Bill of Rights violations; prosecute campaign contributions or endorsements by churches that violate federal law; mandate IRS investigation, stiff penalties, and revocation of tax-exempt status for religious organizations engaging in political activity and pulpit politicking; eliminate use of  religious ideology and rhetoric in political campaigns or Congress 

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