peripatetic people power party populist platform

  1. Register decline to state
  2. Restore rights to citizens; end corporate “personhood”
  3. Stop plutocratic rule
  4. Eliminate political parties
  5. Abolish electoral college and gerrymandering
  6. Make government transparent
  7. Institute sweeping election reform
  8. Increase representation; decrease compensation
  9. Require candidates to clearly state platform and adhere to it
  10. Establish citizen review boards to evaluate representatives’ performance
  11. End corporate lobbying, bailouts, revolving door
  12. Make Congress subject to the same laws as citizens and salary increases subject to voter approval
  13. Eliminate all lifetime appointments; reduce terms and increase requirements of Supreme Court justices
  14. Reduce glamor of Presidency and reduce term to one 6-year term
  15. Require corporations to act in the public good; establish stiff penalties for harm to the public
  16. Break up monopolies; eliminate the Federal Reserve
  17. Establish citizen review boards for regulatory agencies, empowered to sanction
  18. Get religion out of government

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