FOCUS: “Deja Vu” Are Democrats Caving in Budget Talks?

We DO have other parties, but the Republicrats won’t let them participate in any debates and the corporate-owned media doesn’t cover their campaigns.  In addition, we don’t require public financing of campaigns or spending limits.  We need at least a plurality so there are more choices or better yet, to do away with all parties so that there would be more choices and candidates would actually have to deal with the issues.

FOCUS: “Deja Vu” Are Democrats Caving in Budget Talks?

The Parasitic 1%

There are many, many articles on the web describing the wealthiest 1% as parasites, which, in my opinion is very apt as they do not actually perform any type of labor, other than that is, moving their money from one fund to another and one offshore account to the next.  The right-wing politicians and their friends in the corporate-owned media love to crow about the market and “free enterprise”, but we haven’t had free enterprise for at least 30 years now, and wouldn’t have had anything remotely free prior to that had it not been for the muckrakers and trustbusters of the late 19th and early 20th century who derailed their plans to control everything.

The robber barons are alive and well and thanks to these right-wing corporate
lapdogs in government,  have again returned us to the days of near total monopolization; while decrying welfare for actual citizens, these corporations have no problem swilling it down for themselves, while they pass on all the costs to the consumer and keep their employees’ wages as low as possible in order to maximize their outlandish profits.  In the last 30 years wages have stagnated while in the same period of time computers allowed worker productivity and, therefore, profits to skyrocket.  Over the last few decades, many of the corporate giants who actually used to produce goods, have moved their operations out of the country in search of ever-lower wages and for the purpose of evading paying taxes.  In addition, many of these corporations have become lending institutions so that rather than produce goods, they loan people money so that they can make even more money off of them.

So while profiteering corporations have been making out like the bandits they are, people have been plundered; rather than being rewarded for increased productivity by getting raises, the people are in hock like never before, as free-flowing credit has been the only way to survive.  It has been quite a lucrative windfall for these businesses due to their ill-gotten gains, the 1% having raked in profits like never before in history.  Now since the crash, they have realized even greater profits, causing the gap to widen even further.  The 99%, however, is waking up more every day to the extent of the class warfare that has been waged against us by this criminal class and we are mad as hell.

70% of OWS Supporters are Politically Independent

This is an excerpt from a posting on the website and is a direct quote.  For the full posting click on the link below.

“70% of #OWS Supporters are Politically Independent”

“Posted Oct. 19, 2011, 2:11 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt.”

“Two weeks ago we conducted an anonymous poll on this website to learn more about our visitors. We asked Héctor R. Cordero-Guzmán Ph.D, sociologist of the City University of New York to look at the data, which he analyzed to create an original academic paper titled “Mainstream Support for a Mainstream Movement“.

“His analysis shows that the Occupy Wall Street movement is heavily supported by a diverse group of individuals and that “the 99% movement comes from and looks like the 99%.” Among the most telling of his findings is that 70.3% of respondents identified as politically independent.”

“Dr. Cordero-Guzmán’s findings strongly reinforce what we’ve known all along: Occupy Wall Street is a post-political movement representing something far greater than failed party politics. We are a movement of people empowerment, a collective realization that we ourselves have the power to create change from the bottom-up, because we don’t need Wall Street and we don’t need politicians.”

Occupy Wall Street – Rebuilding Community

Occupy Wall Street  really is a very democratic movement that is open to everyone regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, race, or socioeconomic status (unless you’re a billionaire!) I hope all people embrace it because it is seeks to promote human rights and everyone having a voice.  The thing that is really unique about the OWS movement is that it really strives to be inclusive of everyone.  This is one of its biggest strengths.
The occupation offers an opportunity for people to rebuild community and bonds with others across all the differences that the powers that be always want to use to divide us.  In fact, this is the crucial stage it is in currently–rebuilding broken connections–and this needs to be done prior to deciding on a plan of action.  I like the fact that the movement has resisted pressure to come up with a plan and has focused on the process at this point. I hope all of us can become empowered to find a voice within it and be heard.

Herman Cain: More for the Rich and The Poor can Keep the Change (And Use the Service Entrance)

Herman Cain. What an icon.  Not only a successful self-made man—just ask him—but a corporate man through and through, oh and let’s not forget, a Federal Reserve adviser representing business interests, now playing center stage as Stepin Fetchit for the GOP, which one could make the case better stands these days for Greedy Offensive Plutocrats than Grand Old Party.  With no experience in government, Cain’s motives for pursuing his party’s nomination are rather inexplicable except as a convenient vehicle for promoting his insubstantial and self-serving book, egotistically named, “This is Herman Cain”.  My guess is we can make a more educated guess about who he is  and also infer the motives of his backers by observing his behavior and statements than by reading the latest volume he is pushing on his book tour/presidential candidacy.

We got a glimpse of the version of America Cain promotes, and his character, when he blurted out the fact that he would not even consider appointing a Muslim to his cabinet and when he backpedaled on his criticism of Perry’s family hunting camp sporting the infamous “N-word” title, revealing the fact that his campaign is much more about personal ambition than any real issues like racism or religious intolerance.  His later comment about Occupy Wall Street and people out of work having “only themselves to blame” shows the callous condescension so typical of self-vaunting pro-capitalist ideologues like him.  His companies’ want ads probably ran, “The unemployed, homeless, and non-Cadillac-driving need not apply.”

Cain reportedly started out working for Coca Cola, where his father had worked as a chauffeur, then went to Pillsbury, moved up the corporate ladder by then working as a business manager for Burger King, and then went to work for Godfather Pizza.  If you ask me, Herman Cain is more “the coke side of life” than “the real thing”; the latter phrase applying far more to another black man and beloved musician Ray Charles, who did the commercials for Coke’s rival Pepsi and who, incidentally would be just as qualified as Cain to run for President as he was a very shrewd businessman and actually possessed a soul.  From the Pillsbury dough (and by this I mean bread) boy to “having it his way” at Burger King, Cain then became CEO at Godfather Pizza, who apparently made him ”an offer he couldn’t refuse,” and now is carrying water for the Tea Party branch of the GOP.

Cain’s bowing to power was more than obvious by his servile remarks in a recent interview with Jay Leno when he referred to Rick Perry as a “good governor”, Newt Gingrich as “brilliant”, and Michele Bachmann as a “very nice lady”, even though during the debate she compared his 999 plan to the work of the Beast of Revelations by suggesting one turn the 999 upside down (666) as “the devil is in the details”. One would expect this would have greatly offended someone who publicly touts his “faith” as so central to who he is, but it appears that remaining in the good graces of the Republican Party anointed is more central.  His reductive comments on the other candidates were that Romney had “good hair”, Santorum was “stressed”, Paul was a “grumpy old man”, and Huntsman “wears ties just like Mr. Cain”.  Such lack of political acumen, any meaningful message, and fatuous self-absorption we haven’t seen since Sarah Palin, who even dismissed him as the “flavor of the month” and who was not this much of a bootlicker.  Somebody ought to tell him that he will never be accepted by the wealthy power elite, no matter how ambitious he is or how much he stridently does their bidding as the token black Republican jumping to the defense of Wall Street and the corporate world.

The ultimate irony is that Cain who accuses the protesters of trying to distract from Obama’s failed policies, doesn’t seem to realize that HE is the distraction that is operating as a diversionary tactic from the machinations of the robber baron 1% he serves, who are bent on maintaining control.  When his usefulness expires, they will move on to the next stooge to take his place. Occupy Wall Street, unbeknownst to Cain, is quite aware of the failures of the current administration and is outraged at its failure to go after Wall Street and the corporate corruption that got us in this mess.  Occupy Wall Street, unlike the Tea Party, is an actual grassroots movement of real people who are puppets of neither the government nor the corporate world, and as such will survive and grow, as it is born out of the determination to find the truth and expose corruption and lies rather than cover them up, wherever it finds them, as well as possessing the will to face the problems squarely, not make excuses or try to distract from them.

One thing is for sure, with Herman Cain, it wouldn’t be a “kinder, gentler America” but would more resemble Gingrich’s “Contract on America,” as his “Contract for America” was widely called if, God forbid, he should get elected.  Like the buffoon Donald Trump whose favor he recently curried, my money is on him dropping out once he capitalizes on the publicity, though.  I do have an idea how Herman Cain could be of service to the country, however.  All the homeless and unemployed people in America that the Occupy Wall Street movement represents can take up residence in the empty space in his brain and his heart, though they will likely have to clear out the pizza boxes first, which would, of course, be empty as well.  A good slogan for his campaign might be “Herman Cain:  More for the Rich and the Poor can Keep the Change” (and of course, use the service entrance).

Occupy Wall Street

I was watching Occupy Wall Street Los Angeles livestream earlier today and there was some wonderful music playing that turned out to be “Uncle Sam Goddamn” by Brother Ali. It’s good to see someone doing some actual social and political commentary in music again, rather than the fatuous, self-serving prevalent schlock that glorifies criminality, misogyny, and brutality.

You can get the lyrics at:

There was also a great slogan/demand that was being chanted:

“How to fix the deficit: End the war, tax the rich!”

Occupy Wall Street

I am so happy to see people beginning to stand up and reclaim their government!  I was online for several hours on Sunday with the people chatting on the Occupy Los Angeles livestreaming chat and sharing ideas regarding the protests and demands that are being formulated.  My own thinking on this is in view of the urgency with regard to the exercising of our civil rights, that repealing the Patriot Act should be at the top of the list along with preserving our ability to communicate with one another via the Internet.  There is currently a “resolution of disapproval” that has been ramrodded through the House of Representatives by big Telecom that undermines the Net Neutrality regulations that currently exist as well as banning the FCC from enacting future protections.  Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison  is pushing for a vote in the Senate and we must stop this and any other such legislation from passing the Senate as it is a serious assault on our civil liberties and the level playing field to which we are all accustomed on the Internet.  So, because our right to assemble peaceably and to communicate freely are vital to the pursuit of any other goals, my two top recommendations for OWS demands are to repeal the Patriot Act and to save the Internet.

There are many other demands that we need to make in order to reclaim our democracy, and I think the one I would place third would be the reason behind occupying Wall Street, to end corporate greed by holding Wall Street and the Banks accountable by prosecuting them for wrongdoing and demanding they pay their fair share of taxes.

Another demand I think is essential is the revocation of corporate personhood, as this is a cancer that has metastasized throughout our system until the corporation runs our government while it pays few of the taxes, pays no royalties on mining and oil on public lands, pollutes our environment, and receives huge amounts of government money in subsidies and contracts.

Ending war would save lives as well as money and help us invest in rebuilding our country and democracy both at home and around the world.

These are the demands with which I would start that double as good slogans for the movement to reclaim our democracy:


WE are the change we can believe in!!