Tax Day: Some Refuse to Pay!

Uncle Sam


Ben Franklin’s declarative that the only two certainties in life were “Death and taxes” may only be partially true.  This Tax Day we thought we would post some links to stories about individuals and groups who refuse to pay taxes as a way of resisting the priorities of a corrupt plutocracy that feeds on war.  The battle cry of the Boston Tea Party:  “No Taxation Without Representation!” could not be more true today when corporate America subverts our democracy on a daily basis through the buying of elections, lobbying Congress, and litigating on the basis of phony “personhood” rights never granted them by the Constitution.

From Henry David Thoreau and the Quakers to Wesley Snipes and Cindy Sheehan, tax resistance is a time-honored way to resist oppression, though anyone who does so takes on some financial, legal, and personal risk.

Here are some links that further explore the subject: